The Current status of Tokyo for Covid-19

Government announced 4th time state of emergency in 8th of July-21 in Tokyo.
If foreign people hear that, they may think the situation of Tokyo became worse than before.

But the regulation in japan is not same as foreign countries.

Our restriction is not as strictly as foreign countries.
It’s not restriction based on law but just quotation.
So we can go outside, go to work, gym and shopping.

Government should have imposed strict restriction, but they couldn’t, because
the Constitution hasn’t have article about Lockdown.
So Government hasn’t has no choice to ask people to stay at home.
We can go anywhere except for foreign countries.

Realistically, most of companies cannot let their workers work at home.
Weather workers can work from home or not depends on the culture of their own company , capital and job.

For me, my job is accounting, so i can work from home when i do my work with EXCEL only, but I should go to my office when i have to deal with papers like invoice.

In the above , the situation in Tokyo is not worse than other countries.
The number of infected people is about one thousand in a day against 10 million people.

on the other hand, I worry about the effect of Olympic, because many foreigners will come to japan beyond the border.


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